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Join a Focus Group

Join a Focus Group

All members are invited to join one of our Focus Groups (FGs) which review and evaluate grant applications submitted to IMPACT Owensboro. Nonprofits submit grants for each of our five focus areas: Arts & Culture; Family; Education; Environment, Recreation & Preservation; Health & Wellness. The 2020 nonprofit grant deadline is June 30.  We will be offering 5 focus groups to put forth 5 finalists for the $100,000 grant and 2 focus groups to put forth 2 finalists for the $26,000 grant.

Serving on a FG is one of the most meaningful ways to participate in IMPACT. You will learn about the needs in our community and about our grants process. Before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit, these FGs would meet five or six times from June to August, performing in-depth reviews of grant applications, conducting site visits and selecting the finalist your FG feels has the most transformational project to be voted on by the entire membership in October. You can still choose a FG based on the convenience of the time and meeting location.

What Happens at Focus Group Meetings in 2020

In 2020, the concern for physical distancing and preventing the spread of COVID-19 have challenged us in our planning and our timeline, so we plan to offer two different meeting formats to accommodate both your comfort level and your safety.  The meeting format options are:

  1. All Virtual using Zoom or something like it; or
  2. An extended meeting, 3-4 hours in mid-late August or early September after the group has communicated via email or a private FB group or Messenger.  Most of the work would be independent with Q & A electronically then all coming together to talk through the conversation in a large gathering space.  A vote would be called post meeting.


All Site visits will be completed electronically and recorded for you to view at your convenience or with your group. No physical site-visits will take place this year.  

As for the Finalist Announcement and the Annual Meeting, we are monitoring our options and making plans as best we can right now.  Stay tuned for more information as those plans take shape.

The Focus Groups meeting dates and times for 2020 are:

Focus Group #1:       Jen Vogel & Stacey Joslin
Virtual Meetings              Mondays ~ 6:30PM

Focus Group #2:       Amy Jackson & Kelly Goetz
Virtual Meetings              Tuesdays ~ TBA

Focus Group #3      Beth Shepherd & Melissa Logsdon
Extended Face2Face      Tuesday(s) ~ 5-8PM

Focus Group #4:       Aimee Garrard & Jenny Busse
Extended Face2Face      Monday(s) ~ 5-8PM

Focus Group #5      Amy Silvert & Faith Holley
Virtual Meetings              Wednesday ~ 6:00PM

Focus Group #6      Bethanie Roberts & Paula Roberts
Virtual Meetings              Thursdays ~ 5:30PM

Focus Group #7      Tina Wright and Karla Ward
Virtual Meetings              Thursdays ~ TBA

It is anticipated that the earliest meeting/zoom time would be the week of July 20th.

If you are not familiar with Zoom or just feel you need a refresher, we will be offering a member training session on the evening of July 20th.  More details to come.

To choose your desired Focus Group, please click the Focus Group Sign Up link below to complete your online Focus Group sign up and to submit your Conflict of Interest statement.

Focus Group Sign up

If you have any questions at all, please feel to contact a member of the Grants Committee at [email protected]

Thank you!!  We appreciate your service, your generosity, and your flexibility.  We are making an impact together!!

As always, IMPACT 100 members can volunteer on any of the five groups to review the grants and select the finalists for that FG. Members choose a group based the meeting time and location. All members are encouraged to view the recorded site visit for every nonprofit with a grant application within your group.  All group members are expected to read all the grant applications for their Focus Group. Based on the grant application and the site visits, each Focus Group will choose the finalist for their Group. Those nonprofit finalists will present their proposals to our members at the Annual Meeting.   At the Annual Meeting, each IMPACT 100 member votes for which Grant they believe will have the most transformational impact on our community.

Conflict of Interests – All Focus Group members are required to fill out a conflict of interest form. If a member serves on the Board or is an employee of a nonprofit whose grant is being reviewed by a particular Focus Group, or would personally gain from the award, we will ask that you serve on a different Focus Group.  IMPACT 100 maintains an excellent reputation in the community for the integrity of our process in selecting nonprofits to receive grants.  Your IMPACT Board of Directors feels that this policy is necessary in order to maintain the utmost level of fairness to the nonprofits and to avoid any impropriety or appearance of such.


Conflict of Interest Statement 2020