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The Power of One
IMPACT 100 Owensboro is a community of women that seeks to transform lives in the Greater Owensboro area through high-impact and lifelong giving.

About Us

IMPACT 100 Owensboro is a simple concept. We combine annual donations from a minimum of 100 members and give large grants each fall to local worthy causes selected by the members.  The only membership requirements are to be female and to donate $1,000 each year.  A half membership may be acquired by contributing $500.  100% of your donation goes to the grant.  Separate funds are raised to cover fundraising and administrative costs.

Grant applications are accepted in each of the following focus areas:

  • Culture
  • Education
  • Environment and Recreation
  • Family
  • Health and Wellness

Members may volunteer to serve on a focus area group to review grant applications and recommend finalists in each area.  Finalists will be presented to and voted upon by all members at an annual meeting in the fall of each year.  Each member casts one vote (half members cast 1/2 vote) and the majority decides the grant recipients.  Although members will have opportunities to volunteer on committees, no time commitment is required other than to review the five finalists and vote for the ultimate grant recipients.