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The Power of One

Boulware Center Mission, Inc.

Mission:  To alleviate homelessness, one life at a time, through education and services.  The vision is to be a leading residential rehabilitation mission for displaced individuals and families focusing on recovery from those issues that brought about homelessness.

2019 Grant Recipient – $100,000

Program/Project: “Cleaning up the Streets of Owensboro One Shower at a Time ”

Boulware provides a local solution to the issues of addiction and homelessness that are plaguing our city by offering comprehensive services that meet both the immediate and long term needs of almost 25% of our area’s displaced male population. This   project will replace all the sewer lines servicing their 73 year-old facility and renovate two bathrooms used by 65 men daily. This will allow them to offer a safe and clean environment to those recovering from substance abuse and homelessness, giving them a better chance of overcoming their cycle of destruction.


2011 Grant Recipient – $103,500

Boulware Mission Expansion Continuation

Boulware Mission Expansion Continuation

Program/Project:  “Boulware Mission Expansion Continuation” project will add beds for forty-six additional homeless men as well as install electricity, heating and cooling, plumbing, and a security system in the new space.

2007 Grant Recipient – $104,000

Boulware Mission Main Kitchen

Boulware Mission Main Kitchen

Program/Project:  Expansion Project that reconstructed and renovated the new facility’s main kitchen as well as remodeling the main dining area.  Boulware Mission services the homeless population of the Owensboro/Daviess County area by providing shelter, advocacy and services for the homeless men, women and children.