All members of IMPACT100 must insure that no personal or professional self-interest interferes with their work on behalf of IMPACT100. In other words, all members must make sure that they do not have a conflict of interest when they are participating in IMPACT100 work or business. A potential conflict of interest can arise in situations when a member, or someone in a member’s immediate family, would personally gain, either financially or professionally, from an action taken by IMPACT100. For example, if an IMPACT100 member would receive a job or a business contact if a certain non-profit receives an IMPACT100 grant, then that member has a potential conflict of interest.

It is important for people to realize that simply serving on the board of a non-profit that has applied for or may apply for a grant from IMPACT100 does not create a conflict of interest. It is only in the situation in which a member would personally profit from the grant being given to the non-profit that a conflict potentially arises.

If there is a real or potential conflict of interest, it is the member’s obligation to immediately notify the Board, in writing, of such conflict.

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