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Join a Focus Group

Join a Focus Group

All members are invited to join one of our Focus Groups (FGs) which review and evaluate grant applications submitted to IMPACT Owensboro. Nonprofits submit grants for each of our five focus areas: Arts & Culture; Family; Education; Environment, Recreation & Preservation; Health & Wellness.  Beginning in 2019, nonprofits will also be applying for our Residual Grant.  The seven FGs randomly draw from the grants submitted to divide up the Grants evenly between the FGs.

Serving on a FG is one of the most meaningful ways to participate in IMPACT. You will learn about the needs in our community and about our grants process. These committees meet five or six times from June to August, performing in-depth reviews of grant applications, conducting site visits and selecting the finalist your FG feels has the most transformational project to be voted on by the entire membership in October. You can choose a FG based on the convenience of the time and meeting location.

What Happens at Committee Meetings

Focus Groups meet between June and August each year.  IMPACT 100 members can volunteer on any of the five groups to review the grants and select the finalists for that FG. Members choose a group based the meeting time and location. All members are encouraged to conduct a site visit to every nonprofit with a grant application within your group. The finding from the site visit will then be presented at the next Focus Group meeting for any members not able to attend the visit. All group members are expected to read all the grant applications for their FG. Based on the grant application and the site visits, each Focus Group will choose the finalist for their Group. Those finalists will present their proposals to our members at the Annual Meeting.   At the Annual Meeting, each IMPACT 100 member votes for which Grant will have the most transformational impact on our community.

Conflict of Interests – All Focus Group members are required to fill out a conflict of interest form. If a member serves on the Board or is an employee of a nonprofit whose grant is being reviewed by a particular Focus Group, or would personally gain from the award, we will ask that you serve on a different Focus Group.  IMPACT 100 maintains an excellent reputation in the community for the integrity of our process in selecting nonprofits to receive grants.  Your IMPACT Board of Directors feels that this policy is necessary in order to maintain the utmost level of fairness to the nonprofits and to avoid any impropriety or appearance of such.

Sign up for a Focus Group today by contacting one of the FG Chairs below or by emailing [email protected] which Focus Group you’d like to join, along with your contact information. 


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