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2010 & 2016 Grant Winner Community Dental Clinic is still helping the underserved

An article in the Owensboro Messenger Inquirer on March 2 made us proud that IMPACT 100 has twice recognized the benefit of the Community Dental Clinic and the passion of its Director for helping the low income citizens of our area.  Kudos, Dr. Taylor!

Low Medicaid reimbursement rates negatively impacting dental care
  • By Renee Beasley Jones Messenger-Inquirer

On average, Community Dental Clinic treats more than 100 new patients a month — in addition to its established clientele.

That’s unheard of in dentistry. Thirty new patients a month would be considered a lot, said Brandon Taylor, an Owensboro dentist and director of Community Dental Clinic at 2811 New Hartford Road.

While that kind of business growth may sound enviable, it isn’t. Instead, it is an indication of a growing problem for Kentuckians who rely on Medicaid. An increasing number of dentists no longer accept them as patients.

The reason: Dentists take a loss — often a steep one, depending on the service provided — when they treat Medicaid patients.

Medicaid reimbursement rates were last adjusted in 2002 — but based off 1988 data. They are woefully low, compared to the cost of service, health officials said. None of that includes the increased red tape, credentialing and administrative expenses under the state’s current managed care organization system.

“We need to see that (reimbursement) rate increase,” said Richard Whitehouse, executive director of the Kentucky Dental Association. “We believe, in doing so, it will exponentially increase the providers who are willing and able to (accept new patients).”

In the meantime, there are more than 100,000 Medicaid patients in Community Dental Clinic’s service area, Taylor said….

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