If we submit a proposal and are awarded a grant, how soon can we apply again?

Individual organizations that receive the $100,000 Impact100 Owensboro grant cannot apply for the following 3 years. Past recipients may apply for the residual and/or NextGen grants without waiting. Organizations that apply but are not selected as finalists, or are finalists who do not receive the Impact100 Owensboro grant, may reapply the following year.

Will the grant be paid in a lump sum?

Impact100 Owensboro requires invoices for all money spent as indicated in the grant request. After the invoices are reviewed for accuracy, payments are made at that time. No funds are disbursed in advance.

Do small or new nonprofits have a chance of winning a grant?

Yes. Grants have been awarded to small, medium, and large-sized nonprofits. Applications are evaluated on the strength of the organization, the strength of the project, the project’s sustainability, and the transformational impact of the project on the community.