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Get Involved


There are many opportunities to volunteer and be a part of our impact. Members may choose to join or lead a committee, work an event, write for our publications, and more.

Community Wish List

Every year we give all the nonprofits that applied for a grant the opportunity to submit a wish list of items that could help their organization. Requests range from both small and large items so please consider donating items on their wish list.


Financial gifts help cover operating expenses related to running the organization. Many individuals and businesses choose to make in-kind gifts or donate professional services which allow us to keep our operating expenses low.

Become a Friend of Impact100 Owensboro

Consider supporting us to be a part of this inspiring process. You can become a Friend of Impact100 Owensboro by empowering our work through financial donations, in-kind donations, sponsorship of memberships, and volunteer opportunities. We are a volunteer-run organization, so we could not do this without the generous support of contributors like you.

Please note, non-membership financial donations do not provide contributors with voting rights.

Honorary or Memorial Contributions and Stock

Gifts may be made in honor or in memory of an individual. All gifts less than $1,000 will be designated to cover operating costs. If a gift is made at the membership level of $1,000, the Board of Directors may, at the request of the donor, approve the $1,000 be included in Impact100 Owensboro grant allocation with the understanding that voting rights will not be given to the donor.

If you are interested in donating stock to Impact100 Owensboro, please contact your broker. A written request from your brokerage account services must be provided to Impact100 Owensboro. Should you have any questions on how to handle this transaction, please contact Impact100 Owensboro at [email protected].

Impact100 Scarf Project

Impact100 Scarf Project closeup shot of the scarf.

The 100 percent Italian silk Impact100 scarf commemorates the work of Impact100 Owensboro. The scarf is available for $75 from any Impact100 Next Generation member or at any Impact100 event.

The full purchase price comes back to Impact’s Next Generation, which introduces the next generation of young women to the joys of philanthropy and community involvement. Special thanks to Adams & Sons and owner Eric Adams who donated the scarves to Impact.

Next Generation is a group for young women in grades 9-12 that will:

  1. Empower young women through mentoring with Impact100 members
  2. Create a sense of community among the young women through engagement with local nonprofits
  3. Create a philanthropic spirit of giving back to the community with both time and money.

Impact100 Scarf Project wide angle shot of the scarf.

Conversation, transformation and empowerment are shared by all of us and it cannot be better expressed than the words that are reflected in the poem “She is…” written by Jamie Pate from Evansville for Impact100 Owensboro and printed on the Impact scarf.

She is… 

She is the conversation. The aspirations in the corners of your mind and heart, and on the tip of your tongue, trembling to escape from parted lips; the effects rippling like a cool breeze, and enriching the lives of everything it wraps itself around. Anything accomplished or left undone is engulfed in this conversation. Listen to the possibilities. Every word is the source of a connection, a personal touch – reverberating a deliberate action, planted with devout intentions that maneuver beyond even the exceptional.

She is empowerment. The nucleus of a transformation. Where a transition between a dream and reality occurs, this motivational force encapsulates achievement with profound grace. Saturated in femininity, contagiously inspiring conviction, the ethos of this power commands change: locally and globally.

She is fruition. An open invitation to the philanthropy party. A confident “cheers” to barriers and overcoming every boundary through contribution, diligence and engagement. Accomplishing the outcome and the celebration, the mission and the impact.

She is one, one hundred, one thousand women. A single unit, embodying diversity, culture and prestige education. Single-handedly, she establishes the atmosphere. She is the head of the table and the prevailing voice in the room. She is power in numbers. She is Impact 100!

Sponsors of Impact100 Owensboro

German American Bank
Owensboro Grain