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Grant Eligibility Guidelines

Organizations eligible to apply for an Impact100 Owensboro grant must be:

  • Every applicant must be able to provide documentation of a 501c3, whether it is their own OR the 501c3 of the parent organization of which they are a local chapter. Local affiliates of a parent organization must also provide documentation of their direct affiliation.
  • Located in and serve residents of Greater Owensboro Area.
  • Proof of good standing and current registration with State of Kentucky Secretary of State.

Organization Requirements:

  • Must submit a proposal for a project or program that is implemented in or serves residents of the Greater Owensboro Area. The NextGen grant application must include a benefit to young people in our community.
  • Cannot discriminate based on religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender.
  • Must demonstrate sustainability and community support, which may be evidenced by public donations, volunteerism, and utilization of the organization’s facilities and/or programming.
  • A past recipient of an Impact100 Owensboro $100,000 grant (individual recipient or collaborative partner) cannot apply for the $100,000 grant for the following 3 grant cycles. For example, a recipient of $100,000 in the year 2020 could not apply in 2021, 2022, or 2023. They would be eligible to apply for the $100,000 grant again for the 2024 grant cycle. Past $100,000 grant recipients may apply for the Residual and/or NextGen grant without waiting.
  • A past recipient of an Impact100 Owensboro Residual Grant may apply the following year for any of the grants.
  • A past recipient of an Impact100 NextGen Grant may apply the following year for any of the grants.

Application Guidelines:

  • An agency may submit only one grant per year to Impact100 for EITHER the $100,000 grant OR the Residual Grant.  The Next Generation (NextGen) grant is a separate grant and can be applied for within the same year as the $100,000 or Residual Impact100 grants, but the Grants must be completely separate, individual projects and cannot be contingent upon each other nor overlap in any way.
  • A proposal must be for the full grant amount. The project’s total budget may exceed the grant; but if so, the grant application must indicate how the remaining funds will be secured.
  • An organization must expend the $100,000 or Residual grant funds within 24 months of award.
  • Any portion of the grant funds used for Endowment purposes by the agency shall remain in principal for at least six years.
  • The project may be a new program, an expansion or modification of an existing program, or a collaborative effort of several agencies.
  • The grant recipients must sign a contract with Impact100 Owensboro which spells out the agency’s responsibilities for disbursement of funds.

Grants will not be provided for:

  • General operating expenses or overhead (i.e. if your agency provides books, the Impact100 Owensboro grant cannot be used for books; current staff salaries; utilities; etc.) However, funds can be used for operating expenses if they are relative to new programming, such as a new staff position.
  • Partisan, legislative, political, or religious activities.
  • Payment of projects already completed nor repayment of previously incurred debt.
  • Grants will not be provided for projects/programs which require participation in activities of a particular faith, denomination or religion in order to benefit from the project or program.

As we continue to grow and evolve, Impact100 Owensboro reserves the right to change its eligibility criteria without notice at any time.