Impact100 Announces 2023 Grant Recipients

Recipient of one of the $100,000 grants is Crossroads Inc. “Crossroads – Safe and Secure” project will renovate portions of the Crossroads emergency overnight shelter and the food pantry area. The renovations to the shelter portion of the facility include closing off existing glass panels at the front, installing a steel door and frame and a bullet resistant panel on the front door, repaving the parking lot, installing security cameras and lighting, new flooring, renovating bathrooms to meet ADA compliance requirements, and upgrading electrical circuiting. The renovations to the food pantry include new flooring, installing electric garage doors for easier access, adding a canopy in the community garden area to provide shade, installing a new concrete pad for the back area, and installing bullet resistant paneling to all doors. An upgrade to LED lighting for all light fixtures in both areas will provide cooler lighting and lower utility costs. These capital improvements will provide a safer environment for those utilizing the shelter, the staff, and volunteers.

Recipient of one of the $100,000 grants is Friends of Sinners. They will install shower rooms in their new men’s residential substance-abuse recovery program facility. Friends of Sinners purchased two buildings, which combined make up the men’s program campus. Over the past two years, Friends of Sinners has made substantial renovations to the building that will house the majority of the program participants. Installing the shower rooms is the final project needed in the building before clients can move in. The finalization of this project will allow Friends of Sinners to have an actual campus instead of the three old houses currently used as the men’s facility.

Recipient of the $51,000 Residual Grant is OASIS. OASIS will provide reliable technology, safely and privately stored, to best serve their clients and their dependent children. They plan to purchase twenty laptop computers, five desktop computers and five monitors, five Samsung tablets and cases, five iPads and cases, a new computer server, workstation setup and installation, and Lenovo support for three years. The modern technology will allow their case managers to become more efficient and will also reduce down-time for computers.

2023 NextGen Grant Recipient is My Sister’s Keeper. The goal of their program is to teach children and teens living in this facility basic life skills such as cooking, laundry, budgeting and hygiene skills.