The Power of One
We accept applications from organizations that serve our focus areas; culture, education, environment and recreation, family, health and wellness.


Each year, IMPACT 100 Owensboro funds projects with high potential for community impact within five focus areas:  Culture; Education; Environment and Recreation; Family and Health & Wellness.  Grant funding comes from member contributions, and each contributing member of IMPACT 100 Owensboro may vote to select the funded projects.

The IMPACT 100 Owensboro grant process begins on March 31st of each year.  In early spring IMPACT 100 Owensboro conducts a grant writing workshop for non-profit organizations in the Greater Owensboro area.  This session provides both general information about preparing effective grant applications and specific information on the IMPACT 100 Owensboro grant process. IMPACT 100 Owensboro members are selected and trained to serve as chairs of the focus groups and other members are invited to join these groups which will review the grant applications.   Any finalist not awarded a $100,000 grant will share equally in the residual funds.

On Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 5 p.m. all the grant applications are due.  The applications are sorted by applicant-identified focus area and distributed to the respective focus group.  From the end of May until mid August, the five focus groups of IMPACT 100 Owensboro (Culture, Education, Environment & Recreation, Family, and Health & Wellness) review the applications, debate the merits of each, conduct site visits, as necessary, and narrow their choices.  At the end of the review process, each of the focus groups may choose a finalist.

In September, a written summary of the applications of the finalists is mailed to the entire IMPACT 100 Owensboro membership along with a schedule of opportunities for site visits.  All members are encouraged to become familiar with each organization’s proposal and its potential impact on the community.

At the annual meeting/dinner in October IMPACT 100 Owensboro members hear a short presentation by each of the finalists. Those members present then vote preferentially for their choices.  Absentee ballots are also accepted in advance of the annual meeting/dinner.  The votes are immediately tabulated by a independent CPA, and the IMPACT 100 Owensboro grants of $100,000 and all residual grants are awarded at the end of the evening.