The Power of One

I am making an IMPACT 2018

Grant Winner!

Congratulations to Fresh Start for Women for their Renovation and Community Enhancement Project

a 2018 $100,000 Grant Recipient!

Grant Winner!

Congratulations to St. Joseph Peace Mission for Children and Yewell Home for Boys for the Construction of the Hayden Home for Girls Project

2018 $100,000 Grant Recipient!

Mission Statement

IMPACT 100 Owensboro is a community of women that seeks to transform lives in the Greater Owensboro Area through high-impact and lifelong giving.

Local women helping great ideas have a positive impact

Welcome to IMPACT 100 Owensboro. We hope you share our interest in learning more about our community and supporting initiatives that will have a lasting impact in the lives of others. We are excited to share the story of IMPACT 100 Owensboro and hope you will join the women who strive make a significant impact on our community.