Happy New Year and welcome to year 17 of Impact100 Owensboro! A new year is always exciting to have a fresh slate, make new goals and reflect on the goodness of the year gone by. 2021 was historic for our organization as we raised and awarded the largest amount ever, and had the greatest number of ladies participating in our giving circle. It still gives me chills to think about the resilience of our community after the first year of the pandemic. The nonprofits needed us more than ever and we showed up with 287 members and gave away $259,500 to four organizations. And if that wasn’t enough, at least two of our members privately funded two additional finalists’ grant proposals. Amazing! This is the ripple effect of Impact100 in action.

January/February 2022 Newsletter

November and December are months of great change, excitement and celebrations, including so many holidays for our faith communities, as well as family get-togethers where we enjoy our cherished rituals. We say goodbye to this year and welcome a new one with hope and anticipation.

November/December 2021 Newsletter

September and October are months filled with lifelong memories ... buying school supplies, clothes and new shoes, getting back into a routine after the carefree days of summer, and lots of fall sports practices. School children are excited and nervous about meeting new teachers and changing classes, and parents are also feeling conflicting emotions as children change schools or move off to college. The skies are bluer, the air is crisper, temperatures are more moderate, and the trees are beginning their changes to vibrant yellow, crimson and amber. There is a feeling of excitement in the air of new beginnings, fresh starts.

September/October 2021 Newsletter

Summertime is here! Hot summer days with white billowing clouds, fresh corn and the scent of barbeque in the air. As the pandemic eases up, we are all venturing out carefully into a social world again. It has been so nice to see familiar faces in person, and not on a screen. As the summer unfolds we are looking forward to gathering together in groups that share common bonds.

July/August 2021 Newsletter

May/June 2021 Newsletter

March/April 2021 Newsletter

January/February 2021 Newsletter

Happy Holidays! As I write this, Thanksgiving is almost here. The trees are bare, night comes earlier and already the twinkling of Christmas lights are glowing. As you read this, Thanksgiving will be over, and I hope you were able to be with loved ones, even if only virtually. 100 years ago, families did not have this luxury of technology…think of the love letters that were written back and forth during their pandemic.

November/December 2020 Newsletter

As I sit here drinking my pumpkin spiced coffee, looking at the clear blue sky, and enjoying the brisk weather, I realize that fall has arrived, and with it comes the IMPACT 100 Annual Meeting. October is finally here! This is the most exciting time of year for IMPACT 100! This is a time to celebrate all the amazing things we’ve accomplished despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

September/October 2020 Newsletter